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"On The Way" Import Export Services is the leader in helping global customers find U.S. made products and services to meet the needs of the construction, agricultural and mining industries, plastic materials, renewable power markets, electronic commerce and much more. Relationships with key distributors and manufactures in the United States and abroad, we can help negotiate, purchase or lease, export, and distribute goods and services throughout the world at a fraction of the cost it would take you to do it yourself.

"On The Way" Import Export Services represents many leading USA equipment industry manufacturers. We assist them in delivering products overseas, at lower landed prices, by providing the factory a complete and professional export infrastructure, with dedicated coverage and presence in all export markets.

The manufacturers can reduce their sales and administration costs associated with regional export sales employees, export order administration employees, export credit risk, international collections, global travel, international communications, mailings, export documentation compliance, and export market research.

O.T.W. Import Export Services assists in delivering products overseas, at lower landed prices, by staging products from the manufacturers we represent, at ports and airports around the USA, for a consolidated single shipment to customers overseas.

Company Profile

"On The Way" Import Export Services offers much more than purchasing and supply services; O.T.W Import Export Services is a professional purchasing and problem solving organization and our goal is to help our customers find the products or services from the US that they need to address their specific needs quickly and efficiently.

  • Conveniently we have offices in Miami & Fort Lauderdale Florida along with San Paulo Brazil, India and Peru.

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"

- Albert Einstein...